Jan 142014
Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept Car

This Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle concept car from Toyota will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

Toyota put its hydrogen-powered electric car the FCV on full display at the recent Consumer Electronics Show. The company is also gearing up for a production version as it promises to have a fuel-cell car on the road in 2015. And, Toyota expects to sell more of these cars in the U.S. than it initially planned.

This is great news for those seeking alternative energy vehicles. Hydrogen-powered cars runs on electricity just like a standard electric car, but use hydrogen to create that electricity instead of storing it in a battery. Hydrogen reacts with air to produce electricity and leaves only water as a byproduct.

Fuel-cell cars also have longer driving ranges—over 300 miles in the Toyota FCV—and refueling times comparable to gasoline-powered cars.

Toyota is working to help increase the hydrogen refueling infrastructure, starting in Southern California. Bob Carter, senior vice president of automotive operations for Toyota, said the company is aiming for a price point as close to $50,000 as they can get. He said they want it to be “a reasonable price for a lot of people.”

If hydrogen-powered Toyota cars even make their way to New Hampshire, would you be interested in driving one?

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