Mar 052014

The Star Safety System keeps you Safe during an Emergency

Toyota Star Safety SystemToyota is serious when it comes to safety. That’s why each and every new Toyota comes standard with the Star Safety System. But what is the Star Safety System, and how does it keep you safe when you’re in harm’s way?

The Star Safety System is a suite of six safety features – Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Anti-lock Brake System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Brake Assist, and Smart Stop Technology. Each part is designed to protect you and your passengers as well as the cars around you.

The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) was invented to help control the vehicle when it loses traction. ABS uses magnetic wheel-speed sensors and a computer to monitor each wheel while the Toyota is in motion. If the system detects that a wheel or wheels are decelerating faster than the others and is losing traction or becoming locked up, it rapidly pulses the brakes until it’s at the same speed as the others. It also maintains the brake pressure on the wheels with good grip to prevent skidding.

The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system reads data from the ABS and a steering wheel sensor to make sure the vehicle is following the direction of the driver. If the system detects that the car is deviating from the path, VSC will reduce engine power and pulse the brakes on the left or right side to help correct the situation.

The Traction Control (TRAC) system uses data from ABS wheel-speed sensors to tell if a drive wheel is turning faster than the wheel located on the opposite side. When this happens, your Toyota will lose traction and could lead to slide-offs. When TRAC detects a loss of traction, the system reduces engine power or pulses the brakes until the car regains traction.

Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) works alongside the ABS to make up for shifting weight under hard braking by reducing pressure on wheels carrying the least amount of weight. This helps your Toyota stay in control.

Brake Assist (BA) detects sudden braking and assists the driver in stopping by adding additional brake pressure if the driver is braking too lightly.

Smart Stop Technology (SST) automatically reduces engine power when the brake and accelerator pedals are pressed at the same time under certain conditions.

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