Apr 182014

Toyota AccessoriesWhen you bought your Toyota, you knew you were getting a great, quality vehicle. Did you also know you were gaining access to Toyota’s line of customized accessories to increase your vehicle’s storage functionality?

Unorganized trunks are a thing of the past with the Prius Cargo Liner. This sectioned, eco-friendly liner is designed to fit perfectly in the back of your Prius and neatly keep your junk in the trunk where it belongs.

The Highlander Cargo Liner turns your trunk, even with the third row folded flat, into a protected zone fit for whatever you may be hauling. The liner prevents spills from spreading beyond its edged border and makes cleanup a whole lot easier.

The Cargo Net is a must have for all those Saturday afternoon grocery trips, for the kids’ soccer ball and dirty cleats, for containing any items you don’t want rolling around in your trunk. The stretchy material makes it easy to fit and hold even the oddest shaped cargo you may be transporting.

Toyota’s innovative Door Edge Guards are a lifesaver. Gone are the days of leaving notes on the car next to yours explaining the new dent in their door and bemoaning the loss of paint on your own. These guards can be factory painted to match your vehicle’s color; and trust us, you’ll be grateful for the protection.

See anything you like? Visit us here at Hurlbert Toyota for your exclusive Toyota accessories.

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