Sep 152014

high-tech safety features

While the rest of the new car industry seems obsessed with winning the race for the first autonomous car, Toyota is focusing on a more practical and reliable goal: simply adding more and more high-tech safety features to its vehicles. Some of those new features, of course, will be automated technologies, but the focus is not on creating an overall driverless car.

“At this point, it is difficult to realize driverless car safely ,” said Ken Koibuchi, head of Toyota’s intelligent vehicle division. “To realize driverless car at this moment, we need a very rich infrastructure.” Kristen Tabar, a Toyota vice president, added: “The human being is the ultimate in sensor fusion. We have the visual, audible advantage, all the different inputs to make the best judgments moving forward.”

So, look out for Toyota cars filled with more cameras, lasers, computers chips, and so on in the coming years—all technologies that will keep you safer in your own car and in relation to other people’s cars. Come see us at Hurlbert Toyota today to check out the current lineup of Toyota cars, which are already full of awesome features, safety and otherwise.

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