Jan 192015

2015 Camry

Chances are you’ve seen a Toyota Camry on the road.  It’s the best selling car in America for its reliability, sensibility, and safety.  Recently, the team at Toyota has given the 2015 Toyota Camry an edgy side that will give this best seller even more appeal.

Autoweek was able to have a sneak peek at the 2015 Toyota Camry XLE V6, and they were, in a word, impressed. In a week of driving the XLE they were able to appreciate its sensible aspects like the quiet ride, the lane-change warning, and the fuel-economy (21mpg city, 31mpg highway). But the V6 delivers 90 more horsepower than the base Camry. That, combined with the Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence, makes this Toyota drive more like a Lexus.

The external body lines are even closer to the Lexus than last year’s Camry; with its LED driving lights surrounding the wide “spindle” grill and the revamped tail-light cluster spreading out over the sleeker back end.  The refined interior sports contrast stitching on the steering wheel and dash is defined to provide luxury for your hands and eyes.

Make a trip to Hurlbert Toyota soon to see how the 2015 Camry XLE V6 elevates the status of the Camry name.

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