Feb 232015

2015 Toyota Corolla

Demand for the Toyota Corolla is higher than ever before, meaning production is up at Toyota Mississippi, the company’s main producer of the popular sedan. Because of this high demand, it comes as no surprise that the Blue Springs, Mississippi assembly plant recently announced the production of the 500,000th Toyota Corolla, hitting the 500,000th vehicle milestone faster than any other Toyota plant in the U.S.

“The 500,000th Corolla vehicle is a milestone we’re excited to be celebrating,” said Fred Volf, vice president of manufacturing for Toyota Mississippi. “We are proud to produce the Corolla, and it wouldn’t have been accomplished without the 2,000 dedicated team members who support this operation.”

This milestone is just one of many Toyota Mississippi has achieved since Corolla production started there in 1968. In 2014 alone, the Mississippi assembly plant produced nearly 180,000 Corollas, reflecting the vehicle’s popularity amongst customers. With a combination of modern styling, value, and premium features, the Toyota Corolla is sure to remain one of the top-selling models in its segment. To learn more about the Toyota sedan, stop in to Hurlbert Toyota’s showroom today!

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