Dec 312013

Toyota uses reverse osmosis system to save water

Toyota reverse osmosis

The reverse osmosis system used by Toyota helps the company increase usage water percentage.

Toyota has long been considered one of the world’s greenest auto manufacturers; with the release of the 2013 North American Environmental Report, it’s clear to see why.  One of the highlights touted in Toyota’s press release is the use of a system called reverse osmosis, which separates impurities in water prior to the manufacturing process and increased usable water from 75 to 90 percent.  The move, which effectively saves 61 million gallons of water annually, is but the tip of the iceberg.

Toyota’s 2013 North American Environmental Report specifies a litany of other environmentally-related achievements from 2013.  These include:

  • Toyota being the most fuel-efficient full-line automotive manufacturer in the United States
  • The Prius c being named Greenest Car of the Year in the ACEEE’s Greenest Vehicles list
  • Toyota North American manufacturing earning its ninth ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award for leadership in energy management
  • 308 million pounds of wood and 185 million pounds of cardboard saved via Toyota’s returnable container program
  • Toyota’s truck assembly plant in Texas reduced landfill waste by 71 percent in 2013

We here at Hurlbert Toyota are proud of the accomplishments touted in the 2013 North American Environmental Report and look forward to a better and even greener 2014.

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