Feb 092015

At this point, we all know that the annual Super Bowl has come to mean more than just the biggest sporting event of the year. It’s also prime time for the year’s greatest commercials, many of them from car companies, such as Toyota.

One of Sunday’s best commercials was the Toyota Camry Amy Purdy commercial, which showcased the bronze-medal-winning Paralympic snowboarder shredding snow in addition to becoming an incredible dancer, defying all the odds.

In the background? Words of legendary champion, Muhammed Ali. The combination of Ali’s words and Purdy’s achievements make for a powerful punch. The ad, called “How Great I Am,” can be watched here on Toyota USA’s official YouTube channel, in case you missed it.

This ad promotes the all-new 2015 Toyota Camry, which was designed to have a bold appearance reflective of its drivers, in addition to hosting all of the latest technology so you can stay tuned-in and social on the go.

Visit us at Hulbert Toyota for more information on this aggressive new model.

Feb 022015

The Super Bowl is undoubtedly a family event. Playing on that aspect, Toyota has initiated a marketing campaign leading up the big game that’s designed to celebrate family and more specifically, to recognize the essential role that fathers play in the dynamics of the family.

The campaign slogan is One Bold Choice Leads To Another. With touching stories of how fathers have positively impacted their families, it’s not hard to catch the automaker’s drift: deciding to be a father is the first in a series of bold choices. But if the stories are to be believed, it’s a profoundly rewarding job as well.

In a pre-Super Bowl lead-up spot, LaVar Arrington, former linebacker for the New York Giants, shares a touching story about how his father cleaned gutters for a living despite having prosthetic legs. Kurt Warner, former quarterback for the St. Louis Rams, describes his father as “my biggest fan.”

As we move closer to the Super Bowl, Toyota has invited everyone to recognize their own fathers by posting a picture of themselves and their fathers using the hashtag #OneBoldChoice.

At Hurlbert Toyota, we can’t wait to watch the big game together with our families.

Jan 262015

America’s best-selling car is all set to star during one of America’s best-watched television events, the Super Bowl. Alongside the 2015 Toyota Camry, pro athletes and fathers will be honored for making “One Bold Choice.”

The “One Bold Choice Leads to Another” campaign features dads, both those publicly famous and those famous to their children, and the bold choices they make that positively influence the lives of their families.

“This ‘One Bold Choice’ campaign is all about the bold choices we as parents – fathers – have to make every day for our families. These choices range from teaching our kids, to showing them what a loving relationship looks like, to displaying sacrifice, work ethic, excellence and love in all areas of our lives,” said Kurt Warner, former Super Bowl MVP and one of the campaign’s featured athletes.

“Just as I try to encourage and inspire my kids to become greater tomorrow than they were today, my hope is that with the work of Toyota and this campaign, many others will be inspired to do the same in their lives.”

Online videos are currently available on Toyota USA’s YouTube channel. On February 1, two 60-second commercials will air, one before the game and one during the second quarter.

You can join the Game Day conversation by posting pictures with Dad, using hashtag #OneBoldChoice.

For us at Hurlbert Toyota, the “One Bold Choice” campaign is another great reason to gather family and friends around Dad’s favorite chair and watch Super Bowl XLIX.

Jan 192015

2015 Camry

Chances are you’ve seen a Toyota Camry on the road.  It’s the best selling car in America for its reliability, sensibility, and safety.  Recently, the team at Toyota has given the 2015 Toyota Camry an edgy side that will give this best seller even more appeal.

Autoweek was able to have a sneak peek at the 2015 Toyota Camry XLE V6, and they were, in a word, impressed. In a week of driving the XLE they were able to appreciate its sensible aspects like the quiet ride, the lane-change warning, and the fuel-economy (21mpg city, 31mpg highway). But the V6 delivers 90 more horsepower than the base Camry. That, combined with the Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence, makes this Toyota drive more like a Lexus.

The external body lines are even closer to the Lexus than last year’s Camry; with its LED driving lights surrounding the wide “spindle” grill and the revamped tail-light cluster spreading out over the sleeker back end.  The refined interior sports contrast stitching on the steering wheel and dash is defined to provide luxury for your hands and eyes.

Make a trip to Hurlbert Toyota soon to see how the 2015 Camry XLE V6 elevates the status of the Camry name.

Jan 122015



Though it might be hard to believe at first, Toyota recently made over 5,600 fuel-cell patents open to the public, royalty-free. So why would Toyota make all of its research open? Apparently, this move is designed to encourage other automakers to follow suit and make the auto industry more eco-friendly overall.

The jaw-dropping announcement came during the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) after Toyota showed off some of its new technology. According to Digital Trends, this gives manufacturers free use of Toyota fuel-cell technology for fuel cell system software, fuel cell stacks, high-pressure tanks, and hydrogen supply and production systems. Basically, it’s everything you need to build your own Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV).

“At Toyota, we believe that when good ideas are shared, great things can happen,” said Bob Carter, Senior VP of Automotive Operations at Toyota Motor Sales. “The first generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, launched between 2015 and 2020, will be critical, requiring a concerted effort and unconventional collaboration between automakers, government regulators, academia, and energy providers.”

Although manufacturers are encouraged to go crazy, Toyota does have some stipulations. The information cannot be used for anything other than FCVs and the offer expires in 2020. By then, Toyota hopes the industry will have come far enough that fuel cell technology dominates. At Hurlbert Toyota, we’re excited to see what other automakers will do with this new information.

Jan 052015

2015 Toyota Highlander

With gas prices falling, SUVs are becoming more and more popular. Right now, there are a ton of great mid-sized SUVs available to car customers, making that segment one of the most competitive categories in the industry these days. However, despite the many great options out there, when it comes to picking the best of the best, “there can be only one.” Appropriately enough, that exclusive title belongs to the 2015 Toyota Highlander, which was recently chosen by Kelley Blue Book as the KBB Best Buy mid-size SUV.

According to Torque News, the good people at Kelley Blue Book thought that the 2015 Highlander differentiated itself from other vehicles thanks to its “superb combination of contemporary charm and practical capability.” The respected automotive publication also praised the Highlander by saying that the “well-styled and well-sorted midsize SUV simply does the best job of seamlessly mixing and matching the things that count most into a single engaging package.”

In addition to this exciting endorsement, the 2015 Toyota Highlander was recently named a Top Safety Pick+ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. If you’d like to learn more about the safe and award-winning Highlander, stop by Hulbert Toyota today.

Dec 292014

2015 CamryBy this stage in the game, it should come as little surprise that Toyota offers better value than any other brand on the block. Because we are a society that demands near-constant reaffirmation, Consumer Reports has stepped in to remind everyone that nobody does it quite as well as Toyota, honoring a number of vehicles in the current lineup in its 2014 Annual New Car Value Rankings.

Top among all vehicles was the 2015 Camry Hyrbid, which offers a profoundly satisfying combination of performance and efficiency and operates at an assumed cost of around 52 cents per mile—the lowest of any vehicle CR tested in 2014.

Third on the overall list was the standard Camry, confirming the namebadge as the absolute best overall value in automotive today, hybrid or non.

Speaking of hybrids, the Toyota Prius Four took the top ranking in the compact segment, which is almost a foregone conclusion when one considers the Prius’ status as hybrid innovator.

Rounding out the list for Toyota was the Highlander XLE, which was named the best value among midsized SUVs.

To see just what it is about Toyota cars and trucks that give you the most bang for your buck, stop in and test drive the vehicle of your choice today at Hurlbert Toyota.

Nov 032014

A new cargo van is helping feed the hungry in Exeter, New Hampshire. The van, worth over $35,000, was donated to The Saint Vincent de Paul Food Pantry by the Exeter Area New Cars Dealers Association, which includes Hurlbert Toyota, a non-profit collaboration between car dealers in the area. The Saint Vincent de Paul Food Pantry is using the new van in order to deliver meals to members of the city who are in need.

“The new van will be used transport tons of supplies and food – about 135 tons” says Cleo Castonguay, Exeter’s Society of Saint Vincet de Paul’s president.

In 2012-2013, the nonprofit had donated over 269,700 pounds of food, with a value of $730,000. These food items went into making over 190,000 meals. For the 2014 year, $1 million dollars worth of food has already been distributed.

The van includes trunk doors that open all the way so they touch the sides of the vehicle, which eliminates excess space when trying to back the vehicle right up to a loading dock, a rear-view camera that allows the driver to maneuver in reverse safely, and a sunken floor that adds on an additional foot of space for cargo.

Jul 212014

Toyota Accessories

Proper maintenance is an important part of getting every last mile out of your vehicle as possible. It’s also vital to check the major components like the engine, suspension, and drivetrain to keep your vehicle as safe as possible.

It can be hard to find time for an oil change if you have a busy schedule, and even harder to make time to get your car inspected. With our current Toyota Complete offer, however, you can take care of all those needs in just one quick visit.

$39.95 will get you a conventional oil change plus:

  • Multi-Point Inspection
  • Tire Rotation
  • Battery Check

Schedule your appointment before 8/31 to take full advantage of this offer and make sure your vehicle is good to go for the final month of summer.

Jun 162014

Toyota Accessories Grand Opening

We’re opening a brand new Toyota Accessories Department this month and we’re celebrating by offering a 20% discount (up to $200) on all Toyota accessories!

What kind of accessories does that include?

  • Back-Up Cameras
  • Remote Car Starters
  • Satellite Radio
  • Back-up Sensors
  • Navigation
  • Heated Seats
  • Keyless Entry
  • Car Alarm Systems
  • Much more!

Pay us a visit and meet our newest Accessories Associate, James, who specializes in these electronic accessories. You’ll also be able to find other genuine Toyota accessories like floor mats and car covers that will help extend the life of your vehicle by keeping it clean and protected inside and out. Browse a full list of our accessories online or bring your Toyota in to see how we can improve your driving experience! This special expires at the end of June, so hurry in.