Aug 102017
History Of The Toyota RAV4 in Epping, NH

Current Model – Toyota RAV4

History of the Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 has made its mark on the industry as a versatile and affordable crossover. The customizable styling options and tech-savvy features have made it a favorite of drivers of all ages. The RAV4 has been through a lot in its near-25 years of existence. Here’s a brief history of the Toyota RAV4.

The Original

The original Toyota RAV4 debuted in 1995. The name itself stands for “Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel drive.” The first-generation model was boxy and designed for drivers who wanted the function of an SUV with the efficiency of a sedan.


The second-generation RAV4 launched in 2000 and saw major styling changes that appealed to younger drivers. An electric model, the RAV4 EV, saw a limited run in the early 2000s. While less than 1,500 units were sold, a third of them were still in use as of 2012.


Just five years later, the third-generation Toyota RAV4 hit the streets. It rode on a new platform and saw immediate success among more active drivers. The 2009 model year saw a refresh that included an all-new four-cylinder engine. A V6 engine was also available.


The current fourth-generation model officially hit roadways in 2013. It’s curvier engines and smoother contours combined with an updated interior made it a hit among drivers. Sales leapt to 218,000 units in 2013 alone. By 2016, sales topped 350,000 units, making the Toyota RAV4 a major success on all accounts.

Find One

You can find the latest RAV4 here at Hurlbert Toyota.

Jul 272017
Toyota Flying Car & Luxury Boat In Epping, NH

People have long been trying to make cars fly like this funny picture by Tony Townsend.

Toyota Flying Car & Luxury Boat

Toyota has its hand in many pots when it comes to the latest technologies and innovative developments. As it turns out, the Japanese automaker is developing something special and it might debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. That isn’t all that Toyota has planned, though.

Sky Drive

The Japanese automaker has made a major investment in Cartivator Resource Management. The startup will work on “Sky Drive,” otherwise known as a flying car.

The Toyota flying car features eight propellers and aluminum framing. Engineers and programmers have three years to get the flying car up and running. Toyota’s goal is to have it light the torch come 2020. The skies aren’t the only place that the automaker has its eye one.

The Boat

Tokyo Bay is currently home to a Lexus luxury boat concept. The luxury boat features two gasoline engines, a dolphin-like design, and emits the sophistication of a Lexus vehicle. That project is expected to become available within the next few years.

Toyota led the world in hybrid technology, fuel efficiency, safety, and technology. Now, the Japanese automaker is looking to expand its selection of vehicles to both the air and sea.

We at Hurlbert Toyota can’t wait to see what comes of the flying car and luxury boat projects!

Jul 262017
New Hampshire Attractions Are The Best

Offering Everything From Beaches To Historical Places

New Hampshire Attractions

New Hampshire sits on a cozy spot along the coast, making it the perfect location for a summer getaway. Whether you’re looking for history, adventure, fun, or all of the above, there’s something for you in New Hampshire. We at Hurlbert Toyota know of a few New Hampshire attractions that will make this summer one to remember.

Strawberry Banke

Strawberry Banke was originally the first settlement in New Hampshire. Founded in 1623, the museum currently stretches 10 acres and features houses four centuries old. Some houses have been preserved in their natural state while others have been renovated. History buffs will enjoy the lifelike venture as actors and knowledgeable staff cook, craft, and perform other skills from the time period.

Mount Monadnock

It’s not Mount Everest, but Mount Monadnock is an attraction all on its own. The popular mount is easily traversable in a single day and multiple trails ensure there’s a path for hikers of all skill levels. Scenic, unobstructed views offer a breathtaking experience no visitor will soon forget.

Hampton Beach

Is there any that says “summer” more than a trip to the beach? Hampton Beach is a hotspot thanks to its family-friendly atmosphere. Live music and comedy shows are found on the boardwalk. Ice cream, parks, and deep sea fishing are just a few of the fun things that Hampton Beach has to offer.

Jun 272017
New Hampshire July 4th

New Hampshire July 4th

New Hampshire July 4th celebrations are plentiful. In fact, you might have a harder time deciding which ones you don’t want to go to than finding one in the first place.


15th Annual American Celebration in Portsmouth

On July 1st, 3rd, and 4th, the Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth has a festival in honor of the country’s anniversary, featuring activities ranging from 1940s-style swing dance to a Naturalization Ceremony for new citizens to the Old-Fashion Field Day event.

2nd Annual Light Up the Sky in Salem

Nearby Salem High School celebrates its second year hosting this 4th of July event with food, drink, and activities that include dancing, fire safety trailer tours by the Salem Fire Department, and even the singing competition Salem Idol.

Big Island Pond Fireworks Show

A lake that stretches from Atkinson through Darry and Hampstead, the Big Island Pond is an awesome place to be for the annual fireworks show. The date is currently set for July 3rd, but if the event is rained out it will be moved to the next day on July 4th. The show begins at 9:15pm.

Fireworks Over Wolfeboro Bay

This one’s a bit of a drive from Hurlbert Toyota’s hometown of Epping—an hour drive, to be exact—but the spectacle of the July 4th  parade followed by fireworks over Wolfeboro Bay that evening is an event that can’t be missed.

We at Hurlbert Toyota picked out our favorite New Hampshire July 4th events for you to check out. Of course, these are only four of them, and there are plenty more out there.

May 162017
Toyota Supra Spy Shots

Toyota Spy Shots

Enthusiasts everywhere have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on the brand-new, upcoming Toyota Supra, the result of a partnership between Toyota and famed performance brand BMW. However, until now, information has been limited, with only foggy glimpses of camouflaged test cars giving fans and experts alike a closer look at the vehicle. However, recent Toyota Supra spy shots have given enthusiasts their clearest and most comprehensive look at the revived nameplate yet.


A photographer over at AutoBlog managed to nab a shot of the still camouflaged, but much more visible Supra parked at a fueling station. Design elements easily seen in the photos include a clamshell hood with two large air intakes on a smooth, pointed grille. Most of the design is exclusive to the Supra as well, though styling cues have been taken from the Z5. Experts speculate that the hood is hiding a six-cylinder turbocharged engine.


It’s likely that some elements of the Supra’s design as depicted in the Toyota Supra spy shots will be smoothed out and changed before it comes out for the 2019 model year, but this is the latest that we know at the moment.


Make sure you head to Hurlbert Toyota to get your hands on it as soon as it comes out!

Apr 182017
Fixing A Car

Spring Car Maintenance

Spring car maintenance is an important part of getting your vehicle back to tip-top shape after the rough winter months. There are a lot of tasks you should consider doing, but we’ve put together the most important ones.

First of all, check your fluids to see if any need topped off or even flushed and refilled. You should get an oil and filter change, and while you’re at it, have your tires inspected and rotated to ensure they wear evenly. You should also have your battery tested to see if it needs recharged or replaced, since winter can be seriously draining on it.

Next, gear up for summer by testing out your air conditioner. If no cool air is coming out, you might have a leak or need to recharge the cooling system. If there are problems, take it to your mechanic soon to get it changed—you don’t want to go without AC when it gets hot!

One of the most important things you can do is clean your car inside and out. Mud, snow, and salt get stuck to the outside of your car during the winter, and they get tracked inside. Prevent rust by thoroughly rinsing off your car, especially the undercarriage, and improve your safety by cleaning the interior of the windows and wiping down the floor mats.

For more spring cleaning tips, give us a call at Hurlbert Toyota!

Apr 182017
2018 Toyota Yaris Hatchback

2018 Toyota Yaris Hatchback


The New York International Auto Show sees two Toyota debuts in April. Toyota is holding the new 2018 Sienna and Yaris Hatchback debuts at the show, two opposite-sized hatchbacks that have their great looks, practicality, and smart features in common.

The 2018 Yaris Hatch brings a sportier style for the model year, with a new front fascia and grille with chrome accents, a piano black mesh grille for the SE trim, and a restyled rear-end to complement the front-end updates. The Yaris also gets plenty of updates to its interior, with new audio features, an ECO driving indicator, and a standard Entune Multimedia bundle.

The 2018 Sienna improves even further on the much-improved 2017 Sienna with styling updates and technology additions. Toyota Safety Sense P will be standard on the new Sienna and will include a Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, and more. The Sienna will also come standard with an enhanced Entune 3.0 multimedia system with App Suite Connect and available 4G LTE.

For more information on the upcoming Toyota model year or to test drive the 2017 Yaris Hatchback or Sienna, give us a call at Hurlbert Toyota!

Mar 292017
Toyota Sports Car Lineup - © M 93 / Wikimedia Commons

Toyota GT86 – © M 93 / Wikimedia Commons

Some folks might say that three’s a crowd. But those people clearly weren’t referring to the resurgence of the Toyota sports car lineup. The automaker, content with its accomplishment in the family-friendly segment, has turned its attention and talent to designing and engineering a triumvirate of sports cars, what Toyota engineer Tetsuya Tada calls “the three brothers.”

Toyota Supra

In a collaboration that easily justifies an immature fit of ecstatic squealing and hand-waving, Toyota engineers have been fraternizing with BMW engineers to produce a common platform that will underpin the all-new Toyota Supra (as well as the upcoming BMW Z5). The Supra will be “lighter than its rivals,” according to Tada. He also alluded to taking inspiration from the Porsche Cayman.

Toyota GT86

Of course, the GT86 has already been on the road for years. It’s still got those low-profile, athletic good looks. The GT86 also features a 2.0-liter flat-four engine, with horizontally-opposed pistons, that sits low—all for enhanced driving dynamics. The GT86 stays as-is for now, and why not?

Toyota MR-2 Replacement

Toyota is working on a replacement for the MR-2, meaning a compact sportster in line to compete with the likes of the Miata MX-5. Perhaps the most exciting news about the MR-2 replacement is that engineers are “working very hard” to make a hybrid sports car.

There’s nobody more excited than those of us here at Hurlbert Toyota about the “three brothers” of Toyota’s sports car department!

Feb 222017
2017 Toyota Tundra and Sequoia TRD Sport models

Pictured is the 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport, so we can expect some similarities in the 2017 Toyota Tundra and Sequoia TRD Sport models.

When outdoor adventures call you name, you need a vehicle that can get you there. At the Chicago Auto Show, Toyota showed three new, adventurous models capable enough for even the most outdoorsy family.

Both the Tundra pickup and Sequoia SUV will gain new TRD Sport models for the 2018 model year. In addition, the popular RAV4 gains an Adventure model. These adventure-driven models will all come with performance upgrades.

The Tundra and Sequoia TRD Sport trims will be powered by the 5.7-liter i-Force V8 engine. In addition, they will get TRD Sport Tuned Bilstein Shocks and TRD front and rear anti-sway bars. Both models will also come with unique exterior styling elements to set them apart from other models. The Tundra will get 20-inch alloy silver sporty wheels and a mesh grille with body color surround. On the Sequoia, buyers will see darkened rear tail light housing, metallic black mirror caps, and a new front grille insert.

On the RAV4 Adventure model with front-wheel drive, it will have an Automatic Limited-Slip Differential. The all-wheel-drive models will come with Dynamic Torque Control. Both will feature a Tow Prep Package along with an upgraded suspension system and more.

These adventurous 2018 models will begin arriving in dealership this September.

Feb 062017

2017 Toyota Mirai - Toyota’s hydrogen-powered car

In 2014, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Toyota unveiled its Mirai hydrogen-powered car. Since then, it has been offered for sale in certain parts of the United States along with Japan, the UK, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and Norway. However, it seems Toyota’s hydrogen-powered car may be heading off to new parts of the world soon.

Toyota is collaborating with top energy companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to start testing the use of hydrogen-powered vehicles in the region. The first hydrogen station will be built in the country, with construction to begin in May. Once the station is finished, the Toyota Mirai will undergo intense testing in the UAE’s hot climate.

The introduction of the Mirai is part of the UAE’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions. The Mirai only emits water. In addition, it fuels up just like a traditional car instead of needing to be plugged in. Along with that benefit, the Mirai has a longer driving range than traditional EVs. It has an estimated driving range of 312 miles with a full tank of hydrogen.

Along with its worldwide expansion, Toyota is working with energy developers here in the United States to increase the hydrogen infrastructure. In fact, hydrogen stations are under construction right here in the Northeast.

Would you ever consider driving the Toyota Mirai?