Oct 142015

Toyota Mirai FCV Concept

When Toyota began making plans for the release of the 2016 Toyota Mirai fuel cell car, the company predicted it would only need to allocate 1,000 units for the US market. Instead, the US Toyota Mirai demand is far higher than anticipated, causing some customers to have to sign up for a wait list.

In total, Toyota has received over 1,900 orders for the 2016 Mirai from the US market. However, due to the limited amount of models set aside for the US market, not everyone will be receiving their Mirai on time. The website that had been used to place orders only two months ago is now presenting potential buyers with the opportunity to sign up for a wait list. These wait list consumers will be notified when production is available.

Toyota already announced this past January that the company would need to increase production of the 2016 Mirai in an attempt to scramble to keep up with overwhelming global demand for the fuel cell hybrid. One thing is for sure, global Toyota Mirai demand spells success for the hybrid and for the company as a whole. Learn more about the ground-breaking car at Hurlbert Toyota!

Mar 092015


Toyota FCV Concept

The Toyota FCV Concept that led to the Mirai.

The future is looking a whole lot brighter with Toyota’s ‘bright green’ new technology. We are of course talking about hydrogen fuel which is stored in cells and used in the new hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai, which is slated for production starting this year. This move marks “a turning point in automotive history,” according to Toyota.

The fuel cell that Toyota is bringing to market will not only drive farther than most battery cars, but fill-up (with hydrogen) in mere minutes instead of charging batteries which can take hours. The Mirai will use compressed hydrogen to propel the car around 300 miles at which time it can be refilled in approximately five minutes. One of the more appealing aspects to this Toyota is that it will be burning hydrogen, along with a catalyst, then emitting pure water.

Toyota will build 700 of the Mirai this year and will be available for a staring price of $60,000 starting in Japan and soon making its way to the States. Stay tuned for more exciting Toyota breakthroughs at Hurlbert Toyota, where your future and ours move forward together.