Jun 112015

Cat in towel

Kitten season is officially upon us, meaning animal shelters across the country are being flooded with tiny furry friends, in addition to the adult population already on hand. This is why June is recognized as Adopt-a-Cat month. If you’ve been considering adding a fuzzy friend to your family, spend some time to find the purrfect new addition.

The American Humane Association offers some great advice when considering adopting a cat. Here are some of their suggestions.

  • Consider adopting two. Cats are very social animals, and with two cats on hand, they will be able to keep each other company. This is especially useful if you work full-time and they are left alone all day.
  • Find a cat with a complimentary personality. Visit with multiple cats and talk with workers at the animal shelter to help you find a cat with a personality that works with yours.
  • Introduce the cat slowly to the family. If you have young children or other pets at home, your new cat will need a few weeks to adjust. Keep them in a secluded area with everything they need and slowly work them into your family unit.

To help you find the ideal kitty, use sites like petfinder.com to search for local cats that are available for adoption. You can even customize the search for adult cats, kittens, and other needs, such as the cat being declawed.

Will you be adding a cuddly, purring addition to your family soon? Send Hurlbert Toyota some pictures if you do!