Mar 182016

man washing car - spring car cleaning

Now that spring is nearly here, it is time for spring car cleaning. Getting your car spotless after a long winter can increase vehicle resale value and extend the life of your car. Helping you to avoid corrosion and other damaging results of winter driving, spring car cleaning is great for any driver.

According to Fox News, cleaning your car’s underbody is especially important, as it removes salt, dirt, and grime that have built up over the winter. While many car washes have an underbody option, if you can’t find one, simply hose off the undercarriage with plain water. No need to use soap—simply jack up your car and rinse.

Scrub the hard to reach places, including window channels and the bottoms of doors. These areas are often neglected. Also, consider cleaning your car’s fabric with a steam cleaner. If you have leather, treat seats with a special leather cleaner to ensure it lasts longer.

Finally, perform regular maintenance. Replace wiper blades, check and top off fluids, and check tires. Place a penny upside down in the tread; if you see above Abe’s head, it is time for new tires. You should also check and adjust tire pressure if necessary, as every ten-degree increase in temperature increases tire pressure one psi.