Jul 272017
Toyota Flying Car & Luxury Boat In Epping, NH

People have long been trying to make cars fly like this funny picture by Tony Townsend.

Toyota Flying Car & Luxury Boat

Toyota has its hand in many pots when it comes to the latest technologies and innovative developments. As it turns out, the Japanese automaker is developing something special and it might debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. That isn’t all that Toyota has planned, though.

Sky Drive

The Japanese automaker has made a major investment in Cartivator Resource Management. The startup will work on “Sky Drive,” otherwise known as a flying car.

The Toyota flying car features eight propellers and aluminum framing. Engineers and programmers have three years to get the flying car up and running. Toyota’s goal is to have it light the torch come 2020. The skies aren’t the only place that the automaker has its eye one.

The Boat

Tokyo Bay is currently home to a Lexus luxury boat concept. The luxury boat features two gasoline engines, a dolphin-like design, and emits the sophistication of a Lexus vehicle. That project is expected to become available within the next few years.

Toyota led the world in hybrid technology, fuel efficiency, safety, and technology. Now, the Japanese automaker is looking to expand its selection of vehicles to both the air and sea.

We at Hurlbert Toyota can’t wait to see what comes of the flying car and luxury boat projects!