Dec 082014

Toyota Mirai

If you’re looking for a new eco-friendly car, it’s likely that you’ve considered the all-new Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle. This was definitely the case for Marianne and David Ellis, the two lucky individuals who recently won a brand-new Mirai, making them the first ones to get behind the wheel of the brand-new vehicle.


These two Toyota Mirai winners have been supporters of going green for years and were recently looking for a new eco-friendly car. While at the annual Environmental Media Awards earlier this year, Marianne Ellis bought the winning ticket as a potential 30th wedding anniversary gift—and it looks like it was a great choice!


“For us, it’s about being at the cutting edge of change,” said Marianne Ellis. “It’s a chance to support environmental causes and clean energy, while showing it’s possible to make a car like this part of your lifestyle.”


The Mirai combines hydrogen gas from tanks with oxygen to produce electricity to power the vehicle. With a range of 300 miles, the fuel cell vehicle only emits water vapor as exhaust, keeping the environment safe.


If you’re interested in going green like Marianne and David Ellis, come to Hurlbert Toyota. While we don’t have a Mirai to offer, we still have plenty of fuel-efficient models for you!

Oct 202014

Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept Car

We’re entering a new era in automotive history, and Toyota is leading the way. The automaker recently announced that they will become the first company to give away a hydrogen vehicle, dubbed the Toyota Fuel-Cell Vehicle (FCV). We’re excited at Hulbert Toyota for the new possibilities that come with fuel-cell technology.

At the Environmental Media Association (EMA) Award ceremonies at Warner Bros. Studio in California, Toyota will announce the lucky individual who gets to drive home in the FCV. Unfortunately, the hydrogen-powered car is only being offered in California because it’s the only state with a hydrogen-fuel infrastructure.

“Hydrogen fuel-cell technology is the next big leap in automotive history, and through this extraordinary drawing, we’re seeking bold drivers ready to embrace that future,” said Bob Carter, senior vice president of Automotive Operations, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

So what does this mean for you? In the immediate future, not much. However, this is just a preview of what’s to come: the quick accelerating Toyota FCV has a range of 300 miles, a quiet ride, and produces nothing but pure water from the tailpipe.

Toyota has been researching this technology for over 20 years, and many features that have come out of this process are featured on other cars. To see how this technology has been integrated into the 2015 model year, stop by Hulbert Toyota and check out our lineup.