Feb 062017

2017 Toyota Mirai - Toyota’s hydrogen-powered car

In 2014, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Toyota unveiled its Mirai hydrogen-powered car. Since then, it has been offered for sale in certain parts of the United States along with Japan, the UK, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and Norway. However, it seems Toyota’s hydrogen-powered car may be heading off to new parts of the world soon.

Toyota is collaborating with top energy companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to start testing the use of hydrogen-powered vehicles in the region. The first hydrogen station will be built in the country, with construction to begin in May. Once the station is finished, the Toyota Mirai will undergo intense testing in the UAE’s hot climate.

The introduction of the Mirai is part of the UAE’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions. The Mirai only emits water. In addition, it fuels up just like a traditional car instead of needing to be plugged in. Along with that benefit, the Mirai has a longer driving range than traditional EVs. It has an estimated driving range of 312 miles with a full tank of hydrogen.

Along with its worldwide expansion, Toyota is working with energy developers here in the United States to increase the hydrogen infrastructure. In fact, hydrogen stations are under construction right here in the Northeast.

Would you ever consider driving the Toyota Mirai?

Mar 092015


Toyota FCV Concept

The Toyota FCV Concept that led to the Mirai.

The future is looking a whole lot brighter with Toyota’s ‘bright green’ new technology. We are of course talking about hydrogen fuel which is stored in cells and used in the new hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai, which is slated for production starting this year. This move marks “a turning point in automotive history,” according to Toyota.

The fuel cell that Toyota is bringing to market will not only drive farther than most battery cars, but fill-up (with hydrogen) in mere minutes instead of charging batteries which can take hours. The Mirai will use compressed hydrogen to propel the car around 300 miles at which time it can be refilled in approximately five minutes. One of the more appealing aspects to this Toyota is that it will be burning hydrogen, along with a catalyst, then emitting pure water.

Toyota will build 700 of the Mirai this year and will be available for a staring price of $60,000 starting in Japan and soon making its way to the States. Stay tuned for more exciting Toyota breakthroughs at Hurlbert Toyota, where your future and ours move forward together.