Apr 282014

In Control Crash Prevention

If you’re a teen or parent of a new driver, you’ll want to take advantage of the In Control Crash Prevention classes coming up at Pease Airport in Portsmouth this weekend. Thanks to sponsorship from Hurlbert Toyota and the Exeter Area New Car Dealers Association, you’ll be able to save $200 on the defensive driving course by following these easy steps:

  1. Visit driveincontrol.org and click “Reserve a Course”
  2. Register
  3. Enter discount code: “EANCDA200

This deal is good for drivers under 20 years old. If you’re over 21 or want to attend the course with your teen, you can still save $75 by using the code “HurlbertToyota” when you register. You can also reserve a course online at 888-301-SAFE and mention the discount.

In Control is a non-profit organization that offers the first certified crash prevention training program in the nation. They’ve trained 25,000 students of all ages, many of whom enjoy insurance discounts after completing the course. Research has shown that graduates of the class have a 70% reduction in crashes compared to the average population.

This Sunday, May 4, the governor’s husband Tom Hassan plans on attending the 8am course, so it’ll be a great chance to meet him.

Regular price for this course is $350, so this offer is too good to pass up and you can’t put a price on the safety of your teen driver. You’ll also enjoy further savings on a car insurance discount that you may be eligible for after taking this certified course. Check out Channel 5’s piece on the class below. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the classes and check out the FAQ section of the website.