Feb 192016

parking lot safety tips

Going to the store can be a hassle. Once you make it through the aisles to find everything you need, finding an open checkout lane can be difficult if the store is busy. Before all that, though, there’s the hassle of finding a parking space. While you should be focusing on driving, looking for an open parking space usually takes priority once you enter the lot. We here at Hurlbert Toyota have a few parking lot safety tips to help you both as a driver and a pedestrian.

  1. Make Yourself Visible. Making sure other drivers can see you is a priority, especially in the dark. Wear bright colors and try not to walk between cars too often. When driving, keep an eye out for pedestrians as they can often come out of what seems like thin air.
  2. Slow Down. While you may be in a rush, you’ll have to spend more time at the store if you hit (or are hit by) someone or something. Avoid an accident or injury by obeying the speed limit (10 to 20 mph) and keeping yourself visible.
  3. Back In. Pulling forward is many times easier than backing out. As a result, it’s smart to back into a space or pull all the way through. Doing so will give you better visibility when it comes time to leave the store.