Aug 162017
Back-To-School Tips In Epping, NH

Kids Are About To Go Back To School

Back-to-School Tips

A new school year is almost upon us. Now is the time to buy school supplies, figure out drop-off times, and handle the unavoidable dread from the children. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help streamline heading back to school. Take these back-to-school tips from us at Hurlbert Toyota and get ready for a new school year.

Join Afterschool Programs

Check out what afterschool programs are available in your area. Find a few that might interest your kids, then allow them to pick which one (or more) they would like to take part in. Afterschool programs offer kids the chance to socialize, develop, and potentially find a new hobby. If your area doesn’t have any afterschool programs that interest your kids, it never hurts to inquire about starting something new.

Go to Sleep Earlier

Kids are notorious for wanting to skirt around bedtime, but that won’t go over well once school starts. Get your kids on the right sleep schedule a few weeks before school starts to avoid any struggles with getting the kids into bed.

Set a Schedule

Setting aside blocks of time for your children to do homework, study, handle chores, and relax is pertinent to their success. Organizing a set schedule will help streamline day-to-day activities before, during, and after school.

Jan 012016

empty gas tank

While you don’t have to fill up your empty gas tank when it is only about 25% full – but many responsible drivers do. Of course, most do this to avoid running out of gas entirely, which is a completely valid reason.


However – did you know that driving with a near-empty gas tank is actually specifically bad for your vehicle? It’s not just a matter of avoiding empty; filling up your tank regularly can prolong your vehicle’s lifespan dramatically.


When driving on a gas tank that’s near empty (perhaps anything from empty to a quarter full), your vehicle is forced to use gasoline from the bottom of the barrel. Unfortunately, this is where sediment and debris tends to accumulate over time.


Additionally, gasoline somewhat acts like a coolant for the electric fuel-pump motor, so when you run low, extra heat is created – which can cause the fuel pump to fail entirely, whether you’re out of gas or not.


For more driving tips and tricks, visit us anytime Hurlbert Toyota.

Dec 012014

You may know someone in your neighborhood who’s done it, and perhaps you’ve been tempted to give it a try yourself. After all, it looks like a lot of fun—and you might as well give it a shot while you still can.

Obviously, what we’re talking about is decorating your car with Christmas lights!

Holiday decorating shouldn’t be limited to just your home or office desk. That’s why The Fun Times Guide offered tips on how to string Christmas lights to your car. The good news is it’s not that difficult!

Automobiles have a 12v DC electrical system, which isn’t compatible with standard Christmas tree lights (110v AC). Either invest in 12v rope lights or 12v LED lights, or purchase a 12v DC inverter (not a converter!), which will change your car’s electricity into an 110v AC current. The minimum output should be 400 watts but can go up to 1500 watts if you plan to run power tools from it.

After picking up a bunch of discounted Christmas lights, cover your vehicle inside and out, through the windows and over the front grille. Find some color-changing lights and a three-foot plastic snowman for good measure. Just check with local authorities on lighting restrictions before going too crazy.

Moisture can be dangerous to the lights on your car, even if you purchase outdoor Christmas lights, so if snow or rain is on the way, park in the garage or take them off.

Brighten up the drab winter by spreading some colorful holiday cheer on the go. If you do, stop by Hurlbert Toyota to show us your festive masterpiece.

Nov 242014

Christmas Tree

As December is quickly approaching, many of us are in the midst of preparing for Christmas. Of course, the most popular Christmas decoration is the tree. While artificial trees offer the simplicity of always being ready and they don’t shed needles on your floor, nothing can beat the look and smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree.


Follow these simple steps to help make your fresh Christmas tree last longer.


  1. The most important step is to choose the right tree. To get the freshest tree possible, head to a local tree farm where you can cut your own tree. If that option isn’t available, ask when the pre-cut trees were harvested. Give the tree a gentle shake to see how many needles fall off (the fewer, the better) and make sure the needles are pliable and not brittle.
  2. Once you have selected your tree, you need to get it into water within 3-4 hours after it was cut. If you are buying from a tree lot, have them cut an inch off the bottom of the tree. This will give you a fresh stump and allow the tree to absorb more water.
  3. To keep your tree from drying out, keep it away from direct sunlight, heaters, and fans. Be sure there is enough water to cover the base the tree. Check the stand daily to see if you need to add more water. You can even use a room humidifier to help keep the needles fresher.
  4. Check your lights to make sure none of the wires are damaged, as this could start a fire. LED lights are a great option for Christmas trees as they use very little energy and stay cooler.


According to many tree experts, if you follow these steps, your tree should stay fresh for a month or longer.


Do you have any Christmas tree secrets you want to share with us at Hurlbert Toyota?