Nov 172014

Toyota TRD Pro Series Tundra

“Driving off-road is part of living the outdoors life.” This is according to a recent article in Gear Junkie. And according to the same article, if you are going to go off-road, best to do it with a TRD Pro package version of the Tundra, Tacoma or 4Runner.


How does the TRD Pro package actually enhance these trucks? Being that they are designed to go off-road “right off the lot,” much of these enhancements have to do with the TRD Pro’s exceptional ability to sustain itself over rough terrain.


There are “Bilstein remote-reservoir shocks at the heart of a professionally-tuned TRD suspension.” The wheels and tires are super high-quality and are an essential component to the superior suspension.


The TRD Pro package also gives these three trucks a unique look, setting them apart from their main-street counterparts. This includes a unique black grille, black aluminum wheels and a black bumper.


We here at Hurlbert Toyota agree that these TRD Pro models are the best vehicles to release the inner off-road guy in all of us!

Sep 222014

2015 Tundra Powertrain

Change is in the air for the Toyota Tundra. As the pickup truck enters the 2015 model year, Toyota has made a few tweaks here and there to satisfy Tundra lovers everywhere. While many of these changes seem rather small, there’s one that is sure to make a lasting impact—the 2015 Tundra powertrain options will no longer include the original base V6 engine.


This major change is due to the V6’s lack of popularity. While the V6 engine offers plenty of power by itself, the other V8 engine options—a 4.6-liter that generates 310 horsepower and a 5.7-liter that churns out a healthy 381 hp—have quickly overshadowed the less powerful V6. A spokesperson for the Japanese carmaker even stated, “The Tundra V6 take rate was significantly less than five percent.”


With this powertrain change, the Tundra is sure to be more powerful than ever before. For a glimpse at this new power, keep an eye on Hurlbert Toyota for the 2015 model’s arrival!

Aug 182014

Toyota TRD Pro Series Tundra

Here at Hurlbert Toyota, we’ve been dreaming about seeing the Toyota TRD Pro Series, especially the souped-up TRD Tundra, in action ever since we first heard about the new off-road vehicles. This November, that dream will become a reality. Toyota has announced that the Pro Series Tundra will race in the Baja 1000, an off-road event running from November 12-16.

“Competing in the Full Size Stock class allows our team to test the Tundra TRD Pro as close to stock as possible and showcase its strength and durability in the Mexican desert’s treacherous terrain,” said Andrew Franceschini, Toyota truck marketing and communications national manager. Of course, we all know a car or truck is only as good as its driver, so Franceschini and co. have hired the world’s best off-road drivers to ensure that the new Tundra shines at the Baja 1000, no matter how much mud it is covered in.

Mike Sweers, Chief Engineer of Toyota Trucks, will navigate and a foursome of drivers—Ted Moncure, Andy Bell, Jamie Bestwick, and Ryan Millen—will collaborate to lead the Toyota TRD Pro Series Tundra to victory. Make sure to mark the Baja 1000 down on your calendars—and check back on the blog often for more TRD Series and Toyota news.

Jul 282014
Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra released their most recent list of “Most American” cars recently, which names vehicles that use over 75% domestically sourced parts and are assembled and sold in the United States. Sadly, only 10 cars were able to make the list this year. That’s the fewest in history. What is the brand with the most vehicles on the list, you ask? Toyota!

With four vehicles on the “Most American” list, Toyota takes the cake this Fourth of July.

The Toyota Camry, Sienna, Tundra, and Avalon fit the criteria of using American parts and labor thanks to assembly plants in Georgetown, KY, Lafayette, Indiana, and San Antonio, TX.

At Hurlbert Toyota, we’re glad to represent a company that is so committed to the US auto industry and creating new jobs in our country.